Professional succession accomplished – BARTH GMBH Acoustic Systems takes over BARTH Acoustic GMBH from Laauser and Vohl GmbH in course of an asset deal

BARTH Acoustic Systems GmbH has overtaken from Barth Acoustic GmbH in the course of an asset deal the entire speaker program and the necessary patent passive cardioid technology.

POESCHEL ETG the main shareholder of the newly founded BARTH Acoustic System GmbH will continue the successfull way of the principal shareholder Laauser & Vohl GmbH. Poeschel ETG has decades of experience in the development and production of industrial speakers, certified according to the EN54-24 that are used around the world.

The managing director of Barth Acoustic GmbH / Laauser and Vohl GmbH, Mr. Thomas Korthals pleased to have found a competent and committed partner with Mr. Markus Herrmann. “Now we can finally Focus to the distribution of BARTH Acoustic loudspeaker systems and dedicate ourselves again intensive and comprehensive to our customers for these excellent products” said Mr. Thomas Korthals.

Ther will be no change for the customers of Barth Acoustic GmbH and Laauser and Vohl GmbH . BARTH Acoustic Systems will continue the existing product line and expand whith new developments in the future.

To ensure a smooth transition of the product and patent rights to the new owner of Barth Acoustic Systems GmbH, the operation of the old society BARTH Acoustic GmbH is set to be liquidated in the course. The name of the True Barth Acoustic Systems, or BARTH Acoustic GmbH are part of the asset deal and have been transferred to the sole owners of the BARTH Acoustic Systems GmbH.