We build cardioid loudspeaker systems

We develop and manufacture unique loudspeakers and acoustic systems, which clearly differ from conventional designs due to our own innovative technologies. Barth’s cardioid technology , developed in our laboratory, can be a problem-solving solution for demanding or problematic acoustic situations in churches, halls or modern buildings. With its distinctive directivity, interfering, reflections are minimised and outstanding reproduction of speech and music is achieved.

Difficult acoustic conditions are a challenge we gladly accept. Over time, this led to our broad product range, which offers optimum solutions for most acoustic problems through a host of different technologies. Our modular product range is highly versatile regarding conguration and colouring of the individual products. When combined with our broad selection of mounting hardware, this enables us to deliver seamless integration in new or existing room design concepts.

What is a cardioid loudspeaker?

For decades, directional microphones have been vital to professional audio technology. So why shouldn‘t the concept be used for loudspeakers as well? Loudspeakers are basically sound transducers like microphones. While the directivity characteristics are valid for the complete frequency spectrum in case of microphones, the directivity character of most loudspeakers is limited to the high frequencies and partially to the mid-range. Even though several steps had been taken in this direction, most concepts so far had severe disadvantages, which could not be solved but only be shifted with negative consequences for the overall sound quality.

One patented technology – onwed by Barth Acoustic Systems GmbH – solves the problem within a broad frequency spectrum in a simple and successful way for example in our B4 and B-8.CCi. Speech and music are delivered more focused and clearly de? ned, the overall audio quality is raised.