Xtra-Basic.sp  •  Sound system

The Xtra-Basic.sp is an ultra-compact, self-powered professional sound system, consisting of a BS-8.sp bass loudspeaker with integrated digital stereo-amplifi er in state-of-the -art Class D technology and two B-6 tops. Up to six B-6 tops can be connected to the power amplifi er with 2 x 500 W continuous power.
The Xtra-Basic.sp sound system can also be used with a second passive bass unit B-8.x and is always extendable with additional modular products by Barth Acoustic.


Stereo operation.

2 x 500 W digital stereo-amplifier Class D technology

8“ long excursion bass chassis.

Integrated passive crossover.

Set includes:

2 x B-6 tops

1 x BS-8.sp

Stands and accessories are not included in the package.

Expandable with slave bass unit BS-8.x and additional loudspeakers.

Technical Data

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