Xtra-Compact.sp  •  Sound system

The Xtra-Compact.sp is a high-end ultra-compact loudspeaker system with an integrated Class-D stereo power amp and controller for professional users. The system is consisting of the BS-8.sp self-powered bass loudspeaker in a robust multiplex birch plywood cabinet with integrated passive stereo crossover and two slimline B-2 tops in an elegant and upmarket aluminium housing. The tops are working as a 3-way line array sound source through a carefully designed passive fi lter network. Additional loudspeakers can be connected to the bass cabinet. This makes the system perfect for background sound on shopping floors, at point-of-sales, in gastronomy and in every situation where unobtrusive, but transparent stereo sound in combination with minimal size and classy design is required.

The musician receives a system with high-class stereo sound and perfect audio characteristics of highest quality for use in PC-sound-design, for keyboarders, or DJ‘s, etc. Audio professionals can use the system as personal monitor or for de-centralized conference sound reinforcement.
The ultra compact size reduces the transport weight to the absolute minimum. In a fi xed installation, the Xtra-Compact.sp is unobtrusive designwise and sounds just perfect, without any need for DSP or other processing that could falsify sound reproduction. All components are fine-tuned to each other and can simply be used without additional equalization or other tone controls. The Xtra-Compact.sp sound system offers an outstanding, direct and pure sound for smaller audiences.
Plug-In, switch it on and enjoy the music … Just „Plug and Play“ – ensuring a perfect show with your sound system.


Mobile professional sound reinforcement.


Keyboard sound.

Stereo monitoring for studios, theaters / orchestra musicians.

Hotels, restaurants background.

Point of sales / presentation systems.

Screen sound systems / sales systems.

Conference and meeting rooms.

Suitable for audiences of up to 50 people


Stereo operation.

2 x 500 W Powersoft stereo digital power amplifier.

8“ long excursion bass chassis.

Integrated passive crossover.

Aluminium cabinet top loudspeakers.

Set includes:

2 x B-2 tops

2 x Stand adapters

1 x BS-8.sp

Technical Data

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