Xtra-Slim.sp  •  Sound system

The Xtra-Slim.sp is a perfectly matched set for demanding musicians and professional users. The set consists of the self-powered bass unit BS-12.sp with integrated digital stereo-power amp, controller, crossover and connectors. Therefore the set can be rapidly set up and taken into operation. The concept is based on two modern column loudspeakers B-3.Slim following the line source principle.
This array does not only deliver a broad and consistent horizontal sound projection, but also delivers excellent sound even in difficult acoustic environments due to the narrowed vertical coverage angle.

The „Plug and Play“ concept and the clearly arranged connector panel enable quick and safe operation even for inexperienced operators. With continuous power of 1500 W, there are enough reserves for use by demanding entertainers and small combos with electronic drums and bassdrum for audiences of up to around 400 people.

Standard loudspeaker stands and Speakon-connectors can be used. The integrated digital stereo-amplifi er from Powersoft brand in combination with sturdy electronic parts assures highest reliability.


Mobile professional sound.
Keyboard sound.
Stereo monitoring for studios, theaters / orchestra musicians.
Hotels, restaurants and other gastronomical background.
POS / presentation systems.
Screen sound systems / sales systems.
Conference and meeting room sound.
Sound reinforcement for up to 400 people.

Options and Accessories

Distance stands (M20 - 35 mm).
Floor stands.
Connector cables (Speakon).
Protective cover for BS-12.sp.
Carrying bag for B-3.Slim.


Stereo operation.
2 x 750 W Powersoft digital stereo amplier.
12“ long-excursion Nd.-bass chassis.
Integrated frequency crossover.
3-way tops with aluminium housings.

Set includes:

2 x B-3.Slim column loudspeakers
2 x Stand adapters MSA-4.Set
1 x System subwoofer BS-12.sp (self-powered) with digital stereo amplifier powering the subwoofer with stereo-sum and the two tops in stereo.

Technical Data

Data Xtra-Slim.sp