The B-12.Sub.i is a compact bass loudspeaker without internal passive crossover for use with already filtered power amplifier signals. Developped particularly for fixed installations based on the B-12i cabinet in bass-reflex design, it already features numerous mounting points. The powerful 12“ bass driver with 4“ voicecoil is identical to the unit used in the B-12.i and excells with long linear cone excursion and thus with precise and deep bass reproduction at very low distortion.


Konzert, Theater,

Vortrags- und Konferenzräume,


Options and Accessories

Montagebügel horizontal / vertikal.

Sonderlackierung nach RAL.

Technische Daten

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Langhub 12“.
2 x Speakon.
8 Ohm.
4 x M8 Gewindeeinsätze.
Frontschaum oder ballwurfsicheres Frontgitter in Gehäusefarbe (Option).
Standardfarbe Strukturlack schwarz.