B-4.C.10 – Patented Cardioid Technology  •  Linienstrahler

The B-4.C.10 is a state-of-the-art column loudspeaker based on a unique principle. This patented sound system is based on the foundations of our cardioid technology, delivering perfect three-dimensional directivity over a wide frequency range. The extremely low risk of feedback allows a wide range of possibilities regarding microphone use. The frequency spectrum is perfectly managed by the integrated 4-way crossover, achieving a frequency-constant vertical coverage angle. Contrary to standard solutions a distinctive attenuation towards sides and rear is already achieved at low and midrange frequencies. The excellent reproduction quality for speech and music is sustained over long distances and delivers excellent results even in acoustically problematic rooms like churches or halls. The B-4.C.10 is fitted with four  long-excursion 4“ cone chassis and two 3,3″ cone chassis and 1“ HF-driver. The upper two cone chassis with the HF unit placed in the middle between them form a D‘Appolito array. The four additional 4“ drivers are placed below them and form the line structure. The standard enclosure is made from high-quality aluminium and is optionally available in several surface structures and colour-matched metal front grilles. No mounting elements can be seen on the front grille and the side panels.


Beschallung mit audiophilem Anspruch für Kirchen, Konferenzräume, Theater, Musiker, Tagungs- und Schulungsräume, Messen, Sporthallen, Öffentliche Gebäude.

Options and Accessories

Sonderlackierung in RAL-Farben.

Montagehalter MUB-0.30 und MUX-0.30.

Wetterfeste Version für Außenbeschallung.

Technical Data

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