B-3.L3  •  Column loudspeakers

The B-3.L3 is a very elegant and compact column loudspeaker for speech and music reproduction in HiFi quality. In spite of the compact size the B-3.L3 has a distinct and controlled directivity in the mid and high frequency ranges.

The excellent speech intelligibility and the extremely low risk of feedback allow a host of variations regarding microphone use. The wide and homogenous sound projection makes the system highly suitable for small halls, conference rooms or even as supporting nearfield delay loudspeakers.

The B-3.L3 is especially designed for demanding installations in acoustically difficult surroundings and typically finds its place in conference rooms or in combinations with a sound system in hotels, lounges or restaurants.


Churches, museums, hotels,
auditoriums, conference rooms, video,
digital signage, delay lines and supporting sound
reinforcement systems.
Monitor for theaters and orchestras.
Excellent quality for speech and music.

Options and Accessories

Optionally available as 100 V version.
Special coating in RAL colours.
Mounting hardware ML-3 set.
Ball-joint bracket MOB-2.3 set.
Stand adapter for 35 mm standard loudspeaker stands.
Hardware for groove mounting system.


Aluminium enclosure, white as standard.
Weatherproof (coated membranes).
Metal front grille.
Long-excursion 2 x 3.5“ cone chassis and tweeter unit.
Slotted groove for mounting MOB-2.3 or MM-2.3 on back.

Technical Data

Data B-3.L3