B-3.L7  •  Column loudspeakers

The B-3.L7 is a sleek column loudspeaker of the new generation with distinct vertical sound focus for the reproduction of speech and music. In spite of its compact size, the B-3.L7 is standing every comparison to larger systems due to its excellent speech intelligibility and clear sound characteristic in music reproduction.

The highly reduced risk of feedback enables extensive freedom in microphone use. The internal crossover optimises the frequency spectrum in a way, that constant coverage is achieved. The exact cylindrical wave and the small membrane diameter of 3.5“ enable a wide and homogenous sound dispersion up to very high frequencies.

This is especially advantageous in reverberating and acoustically problematic rooms. A tweeter is integrated for HF-support at short and medium distances.


Churches, museums, hotels,
auditoriums, conference rooms, video,
digital signage, delay lines and supporting sound
reinforcement systems.
Monitor for theaters and orchestras.
Excellent quality for speech and music.

Options and Accessories

Optionally available as 100 V version.
Special coating in RAL colours.
Mounting hardware ML-3 set.
Ball-joint bracket MOB-2.3 set.
Stand adapter for 35 mm standard loudspeaker stands.
Hardware for groove mounting system.


Metal front grille.
Enclosure colour white.
Integrated frequency crossover, long-excursion 6 x 3.5“
cone chassis (coated) + tweeter with electronic protection.
Slotted groove for mounting MOB-2.3 on back.

Technical Data

Data B-3.L7